The purpose of this website is to bring new strategies and tactics to the Liberty Movement after its focus on political action, elections and lobbying, has been unsuccessful.  The philosophy behind the site is laid out in Progressivism: A Primer on the Idea Destroying America (2014).  

This site is funded, owned and managed by Jim Ostrowski.  Jim is an author, constitutional lawyer and the most experienced political operative in the Liberty Movement. His full biography is here and a bibliography is his writing over forty years is here.

The site is free and we do not accept donations.  If you wish to support our work, please buy my books.  Profits from the books and from advertising on this site will support the website and its various programs and projects.

Being self-funded, this website is completely independent of any and all political influences.  There is no sugar daddy, no man behind the curtain and no puppet master. What you see is what you get.  I have no political ambitions so this is not a vehicle for any possible political campaign.

LibertyMovement.org is non-partisan and not affiliated with any political party or candidate for office.

LibertyMovement.org is a division of Cazenovia Books, Buffalo, New York.

Jim Ostrowski