The typical American worker’s paycheck is a fraudulent document designed to deceive and not inform. Several forced expenditures of the worker’s money are omitted, which disguises the true cost of various popular progressive programs.

The left exploits workers’ ignorance of how much the government steals from their paychecks and has thereby increased support for idiotic policies such as raising the minimum wage and installing “a living wage.”

The American worker’s paycheck fails to fully inform them of all the direct costs the government imposes on them. The fact that the costs are paid for by the employer as a legal and tax matter is beside the point. From the standpoint of economic truth, it is the employee’s money.

To educate Americans, we need to change the pay stub of every American worker to include these costs. We can then focus their anger at the government, not their employers. Hence, all employers should support this movement.

To get the ball rolling, we will shortly install a calculator that will allow any worker in New York to confidentially enter their gross pay and calculate the true amount of forced government deductions. We will fine-tune our numbers over time, but we believe that the hidden cost of deductions in New York is at least 12 percent!

Stay tuned for updates.

For more on the harm done to our paychecks by the government, see Jim Ostrowski’s column on