For over a hundred years, the United States has been governed by an ideological paradigm called progressivism which promises that government action can solve any human problems that come along. A prime fallacy of this ideology is that it has no theory of costs. However, all government action has to be paid for somehow. Government action can be paid for through taxation, borrowing or the creation of money out of thin air by a central bank or similar artifice. Since 1914, the Federal Reserve has provided the means for government to indulge the progressive fantasy of zero cost by creating money of thin air and by facilitating borrowing by reassuring lenders that its magical money-creation powers will guarantee any and all money loaned to the government.

All manner of horrendous policies have been so funded, including war, an intrinsically insolvent welfare state, the most expensive military apparatus the world has ever known and, finally, the 2020 Lockdown, the most massive violation of American liberty since slavery was ended in 1865.

And yet, except for Dr. Ron Paul’s heroic End the Fed and Audit the Fed movements circa 2008-2012, the enormous, powerful, shadowy and secretive institution has received almost no scrutiny or attention. It functions on the periphery of public attention and faces essentially zero accountability for the disastrous policies it facilitates. That blissful anonymity must end if the progressive big government destroying America is to be defeated.

The Fed and its agents, allies, and facilitators must be exposed to the light of public scrutiny and held responsible for their malefactions. They must no longer be allowed to finance the horrid policies of lockdown, war, decline, and insolvency without being held responsible for their misdeeds. Ladies and gentlemen, your party is over. From now on, what Brandeis called the great disinfectant, sunlight, will shine brightly on every single one of your heretofore inscrutable schemes to steal wealth from the American people to finance crimes and atrocities and creeping totalitarianism and redistribute billons of dollars from the poor and working class to the superrich.

And if you can’t take the heat, by all means, be our guests, and get out of the kitchen and get an honest job. You locked us all down in 2020-21; we will return the favor in spades in 2022, the only difference being that we won’t rob from our grandchildren to pay for the campaign promises of dead and degenerate politicians; we will simply use the most powerful weapon on earth: we will tell the truth about your crimes.

How to End the Fed

The Fed will not be eliminated by legislative action. Politics is rigged. Only direct citizen action will End the Fed. Start with these ideas:

  • Do not lend money to the government.
  • Do not work for the Fed
  • Make it socially and morally unacceptable to work for the Fed just as it would be to work for the KKK, Nazi Party, Antifa or the Mafia. Ostracism is a powerful tool and always the better option than violence.
  • Use hard money or crypto-currency as much as possible.
  • Understand that the Federal Reserve was created by Progressives pursuant to an ideology of progressivism. When the ideology of progressivism falls, its child, the Fed will also disintegrate.

Ultimately, the Fed will collapse when the government it supports and which created it, collapses from the inability to pay its debts. Be prepared to use free market forms of money (e.g., gold and silver) when the inevitable collapse occurs.

Today, we declare war on the evil Fed, a war to be fought not by crime, theft, vandalism, force, fraud and lies—those are the tactics of the Fed, the Progressive State of America and Antifa. No, our tactics will be legal and peaceful direct citizen action including exposing the crimes of the Fed, educating the public about this evil and corrupt institution and encouraging the use of free market forms of money beyond the control of the Fed. We will defeat the Fed not with force and fraud but with superior thinking, strategy and tactics as violence is a failure of the imagination. Join us at LibertyMovement.org.