We hope to convince you that taking care of your health is essential to liberty and we will provide many simple and useful ideas on how to do so.

Keep in mind that the progressive state derives its power from making people afraid of their own liberty and by promising to solve all their problems including health problems.

In spite of the fact that progressive big government is absolutely horrendous for your health in many important ways, if you are in poor health, you are much more likely to fall prey to false progressive solutions to health problems such as socialized medicine.  Hint: the more government has gotten involved in health care, the more the health of Americans has declined.

The Lockdown of 2020-2022 was based in large part off an irrational fear of Covid19 and placed on emphasis on making government stronger instead of making people healthier.

If the politicians really cared about your health, they would have launched an immediate, emergency campaign encouraging health and fitness and wise eating habits, since it became known very early on that certain correctible health problems, including obesity, inactivity and diabetes were strongly correlated to bad Covid outcomes.

Instead, they emphasized inefficient and coercive tactics that failed, including lockdowns, mask mandates and now “vaccine” mandates.  This deliberate failure to do the right thing cost tens of thousands of lives at least.

LMO intends to remedy that failure and set up a full educational program to (1) get healthy fast and (2) ensure that if you get Covid, you are in the best condition possible to survive it without serious illness or hospitalization.  Note in this regard the following fact that you will not hear or read in the Mainstream Media: to the best of our knowledge, not a single professional athlete has died from Covid. Nor do you have to be talented elite athlete to gain this level of protection.  Covid does not know whether you can make a jump shoot from 25 feet.  Logic tells us it is your fitness level, not your talent level that deters major problems from Covid.  We use the example of professional sports merely because it is extremely likely such deaths would be reported in the media.  We believe that similar protection is provided to persons with similar levels of fitness but who do not particulate in widely publicized sporting events.

It will take us a few months to get this educational campaign rolling.  For now, here are a few suggestions that you should consider in consultation with your medical provider, to start to turn your health around.

  1. Eliminate or drastically reduce refined or added sugar from your diet.
  2. Eliminate or drastically reduce wheat products form your diet.
  3. Reduce consumption of alcohol.  If you wish to drink, red ten with a meal is your best option.
  4. Take an appropriate nutritional supplements each day.
  5. Eliminate snacks and deserts, candy and soft drink; sugar is white poison! Substitute fresh or dried fruit. 
  6. Quit smoking (obviously).  
  7. Get a good fitness app and figure out your healthy weight and try to get there little by little over time.  
  8. Do some form of physical exercise several times a day.  It takes less time than you might think.  If you can’t spend an hour a day keeping your body fit, you need to reconsider your priorities.  In that time, you get in two good walks or runs and several very short calisthenics workouts around the house with readily available exercise equipment.  

Stay tuned for more useful suggestions on how to integrate liberty and your health.