Nay, all the ordinary power is rather the people’s, who determine all controversies themselves by juries of twelve men. And hence it is that when a malefactor is asked at his arraignment, “How will you be tried?” he answers always, according to law and custom, “By God and my coun­try; not by God and the king, or the king’s deputy.”

- John Milton

The Founders viewed the right to trial by jury and the right to have a grand jury review felony charges as critical limitations on government power. However, judges, legislatures and prosecutors have conspired to gravely weaken juries. LMO will undertake an unprecedented campaign to educate citizens as to their true rights as trial jurors and grand jurors to be able to directly check and resist overreach by the police, by judges, by legislators and by prosecutors.

Our primary message is, tyrannical governments rule by making all sorts of peaceful and benign behavior illegal. In other words they destroy liberty by inventing imaginary crimes. If juries act as intended by the Founders, they can nullify these prosecutions whenever justice requires and grand juries can refuse to indict in the first place so that the victims of prosecutorial misconduct do not have sit in jail or mortgage their homes to seek justice.

We will also teach citizens that, as grand jurors, they, not the prosecutors, are in charge of their proceedings and their investigations. They can, for example, investigate the many crimes of the Lockdown of 2020-2022. Why were certain useful treatments for Covid deliberately suppressed while other treatments with poor track records, were encouraged and even subsidized? Were physicians and nurses improperly threatened with license revocation merely for following their best judgment as to how to treat patients? Are vaccine side effects being covered up?

In our view, federal and state grand juries have the right to investigate all such possible instances of public corruption because, as the Founders knew, corrupt officials will not investigate or indict themselves!

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