How can we integrate the ideas of liberty into parenting?

This is an important question and we are working on the best answers and welcome your input.

Here are some initial thoughts.

We believe there is a relationship between how kids are raised and how they will behave as citizens.

Children raised in extreme authoritarian households where all their choices are strictly determined by their parents will tend to seek out authority figures in the government to run their lives as adults.  Allow your children as much liberty and freedom as is consistent with their age, maturity and safety.  Let them make choices and mistake early and often and learn from them so long as their basic safety and security is not threatened.

Respect their rights as autonomous beings and they will learn to treat others the same way as adults.  When they first confront authoritarian governments that fail to respect their rights, they will, on reflecting how they were raised, recognize that this is wrong.

Do not use corporal punishment.  It doesn’t work and teaches kids that force is a justifiable means of solving problems.  Many bullies and criminals were abused as children. Please watch this short video on the subject.

For God’s sake, avoid government school at all costs.  See, Free the Children.

Finally, try to avoid daycare if at all possible.  Daycare is not good for children or families and is simply designed to provide the government with a second taxpayer in the household to fleece.  You suffer.  Your kids suffer and your spouse suffers but the politicians are thrilled.

Using the Liberty Moving page and your own research, instead of turning your children over to strangers eight hours a day so you can be a tax slave for progressive big government, figure out how you can reduce your tax burden by moving to a freer state, country, or town and reduce frivolous expenses and consider the possibility of working from home.

Your kids will thank you for those efforts later.