Pull your kids out of government schools.  By far the most important direct action you can take to advance liberty in America is to pull your kids out of the government schools.  Government schools are the foundation of big government in America.  All efforts to reform them have failed and will continue to fail since politics is rigged.  Massive withdrawals from government schools are the only way to break the back of progressivism, the reigning ideology in America for 100 years and the arch-enemy of the Liberty Movement. 

Not only is this the best single tactic for the Liberty Movement but you get a huge bonus as well because government schools are bad for your kids.  I made the case against them on factual grounds in my book Government Schools Are Bad for Your Kids.  It’s an easy read and priced to sell.  I can’t imagine anyone reading it and still sending their children to those awful places.  So, pull your kids out of government schools.  If you have younger children, start planning to have them attend a private school or homeschool them as many families are now doing.  If you do not have children of school age, do everything you can to help your grandchildren and nieces and nephews  escape the clutches of those daytime propaganda prisons.

Next, urge others to pull their kids out of government schools.  LMO has created a user-friendly flier (PDF) you can pass out at your leisure to friends, family and neighbors.  Print it on both sides and it will be a one-page handout.  Let us know what area you are covering so we won’t duplicate your efforts.  Thanks!

Just because you have liberated your own kids doesn’t mean your job is done. You and your kids will have to live in a world filled with kids who were brainwashed and bullied in government schools and you will have to pay the taxes and suffer under a political system where teachers’ unions play a dominant role in making government bigger across the board.

LMO is launching local campaigns to reduce government school enrollment and also to reduce taxes where enrollments have declined. This will result in huge savings to the taxpayers who can then spend that money on private sector educational options and homeschooling. Let us know if you can lead such an effort in your own school district.